Pray | Freebie Printable | Jeremiah 29:11

  One of my Life Verses is Jeremiah 29:11. It has come up time and again in my life to provide me with a calm for the control that God has in my life. I don’t need to plan every detail. God’s got this. This is a VERY hard concept for someone like me to grasp sometimes. I plan everything. I like to know what’s happening next, what steps I need to take and how we’re going to get there. You can imagine surprising me is not easy [lol, love you my Beloved Mister]…

  So I decided [after being asked by readers] to make a printable with this verse on it. Apparently [and gratefully] I am not alone. I made them in a six color combos. Hope one works for you!

  Today’s Challenge is….
  to take a moment to STOP. Stop what you’re doing. Stop planning, stop worrying, stop freaking [cause i have no idea what freaking looks like....[sarcasm]]. Take a look at all the good in your life and how far God has taken you. Worrying does nothing. Well, maybe grey hairs and stress lines. Hug your kids a little tighter, put work away and have a tickle fight on the floor! Take a walk and know that God has got this.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus that nothing is too big for you. What a loss I would be at if my problems were too big for you. Cover me with your calm spirit and wrap me in your loving grace and warmth. I deserve it not, but you give it in spades anyhow. Thank you for all that I have and for having absolute control in my life! Amen.

Ok, until I can make all my printables into PDFs, just click on these to make them larger and save. Oh yeah, and print them as 8×10 size!

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